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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision, Mission & Core Values


A leader in the promotion of shipping and maritime


Inspiring shipping and maritime industry in Kenya



To promote and develop Shipping and Maritime Industry in Kenya

Core Values

Integrity: The Department will promote uprightness and reliability while executing its mandate.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: The Department will strive to use minimal resources to achieve maximum results in service delivery. The Department will strive to provide timely and accurate information at all times.

Innovativeness: The Department will be open to new ideas, creativity and resourcefulness in service delivery.

Inclusiveness: The Department will strive to ensure comprehensive participation of all stakeholders and will observe the rule of law in all undertaking.

High Standards of Professional Ethics: The Department will support and facilitate teamwork by recognizing both team and individual effort, adhere to best practices, meritocracy, professional ethics and standards.

Equity and Equality: The Department will promote patriotism, impartiality, fairness and equal distribution of resources and services at all levels. The Department will also champion devolution ideals.

Accountability and Transparency: The Department will strive to conduct its business and lend its services to stakeholders in an open and responsible manner. The Department commits to be accountable for administrative acts.